Whether you are an individual, a group, an organization, business or community, there is a service for you.


Affirm. I will affirmatively provide you with the therapeutic support you need.

Connect. I will work with you to connect to the things and people you need to connect with, including your feelings, past experiences that you need to process, loved ones and acquaintances that you might need to develop and sustain a relationship with. I will also work with you to connect to yourself, to set necessary boundaries for yourself and others and provide you with tools on how to keep them.

Transform. Our work together will help you transform your life into all it should be, one session at a time, one goal at a time.

Internship and Supervision

Affirm. During your internship or clinical supervision, I will do my best to give positive affirmation as needed. A portion of your internship or supervision will focus on ways to affirm yourself and those you serve.

Connect. You will be connected with a variety of resources during your internship or clinical supervision, to help you succeed in obtaining the hours needed. These connections will benefit you beyond your internship and clinical supervision.

Transform. During and after your internship, you will begin and continue to transform into a successful social worker.

Speaking Engagements

Affirm. As a speaker, it is important that I not only affirm my presence but that of the audience. I show up ready to deliver. I show up appreciative of those I am delivering to. I affirm that the space is ours, in the time we spend together, sharing it with respect and empathy.

Connect. It is important that as a speaker I connect with my audience and equally important that they connect with me. Prior to any speaking engagement, I do my homework to ensure this is achieved.

Transform. I believe that during an event where I am the speaker, transformation should begin at some level for the audience, in their thoughts, what they believed before verses what they now know from the information I share. That transformation should continue long after the event, impacting their thoughts, actions and interactions positively.

Consultation Coaching Training

More information will be provided soon on these services.